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These past months I have been thinking how shockingly accurate my novel This Transparent Heart suddenly is: the war, Russia, Ukraine, love, fear - and hope. Little did I know how pressingly urgent these themes would become this spring. There are moments when I wish I weren't able to describe war's events and people's emotions with such accuracy. But there are more moments in which I wish everybody could read my novel right now, or at least as soon as possible. For I knew then, and I know now, that war's only counterforce is the connection between people, love between people. This is why I wrote my novel. To say that we must believe that even in the middle of war's horror, love will conquer, in one way or other. To help myself and others understand how war is possible, what in our past makes it possible, and how it is possible to defeat this ultimate form of hatred by remaining human, always, and loving each other with all our brave hearts.

katja kallio


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