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"The story of This Transparent Heart captures reader’s attention immediately with its deep insight into a humand mind, riveting plot of forbidden love and expressive poetic language." – Jitka Hanušová, Kniha Zlin, Albatros Media, Czech Republic

The much awaited new novel



“Our bones clatter against one another and try to push each other out of the way. But inside us, it is warm and slippery.”


An intense and intimate novel about the forbidden love between a misfit Finnish woman and a Soviet POW during World War II.

Young Beata returns home to Hanko, Southern Finland, after the Soviet army has fled the town. When she happens to meet Ivan, a POW who seems to see straight into her heart, her life changes irrevocably. Though the clandestine passion threatens both lovers’ lives, they cannot stay away from one another. Yet the day will come when Beata will have to wonder whether she really knows her lover at all - or even herself.

A riveting and beautiful portrayal of hatred’s legacy, and its only counterforce, connection between people.

In addition to being a delicate and personal matter, love is depicted from a strongly social point of view in This Transparent Heart. […] One has to compliment the author of the thorough background research, the fine emotional depth and the touching expression.

– Helsingin Sanomat

“Anything you want to read, read it fast before you read this novel. Afterwards, no other novel will satisfy you. That’s how brilliant This Transparent Heart is.” – Mira Selander, Yle (Finnish National Radio)

”Overwhelming.” – Mia Kankimäki, author of Women I Think about at Night

Katja Kallio: Tämä läpinäkyvä sydän. This Transparent Heart

Love is a disruption that breaks the front lines in Katja Kallio’s exquisite novel.– Helsingin Sanomat 

"Makes you rethink how you perceive history in general." – Kulttuuritoimitus